Serious Training for Serious People

And More


can be a scary thing at the best of times and it is debatable whether it is a process or an outcome  .
However we choose to interpret it , it is comforting to have some help along the way.
Charisma offers qualified suport in times of change .
In order to make the process as smooth as possible  , it makes sense to plan ahead in order to avoid the mishaps of insecurity, rebellion and demotivation.

David McGregor : PROSCI Change Management consultant
Christine McGregor-Pennock : Transition Coach


  • Initial survey and report on company vulnerability and danger areas
  • Reccommendations on room for improvement on the above
  • How to behave during and after a robbery
  • Post-trauma coaching
  • How to be a good witness
  • Training for managers  : what is your role ?
  • Training for all personnel
  • Training for those handling cash and/or sensitive documents , whether couriers or in-store
  • NEW ! Interrogation and Interview Techniques 
  • VIP protection services
  • How to behave with your body-guard
  • Customer service skills for front-line security personnel


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