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David & Christine McGregor are the dedicated and motivated owners of Charisma .
Their favourite quotation is reflected in all their work " it is only as you develop others that you permanently succeed " (Harvey Samuel Firestone)

Their motivational and interactive training sessions and workshops have become the choice of many ; organisations and employees alike ,all have remarked how attendance has actually changed their lives , both on a personal as well as on a professional level.

David Charles McGregor
as the name implies, a true Scot but born over the border in the U.K.
Before arriving in St.Maarten , David had a wild and wonderful background that includes thirteen years' service in the Bristish Police Force, working and training for the Sun Life Insurance company , training and troubleshooting for the Ford garages , co-creating the now famous "Pathways" programme for the British Labour department , delivered "Jobplan" and other employment service programmes from his own training company and as a result ,went on to train trainers , under contract to the labour Department, in a third of England and Wales.
David has won acclaim , not only as an unconventional and inspiring trainer but also as a motivational speaker on St.Maarten.

Christine McGregor-Pennock
was born in the UK of a British mother and Indonesian father , grew up with one foot in Holland and the other in the U.K and went on to live in Curacao for twenty four years .She  then re-routed via Holland and England to St.Maarten.
Her experience was largely in the cosmetic field then a career switch went full circle into management and coaching. Her H.R experience was built up on the Isle of Wight where she had six Boots the Chemist stores " under her wing ".
An accredited coach , her diverse cultural and professional background has contributed in a positive way to her current work.
Once an H.R professional, always an H.R professional and Christine has won may awards as a group champion on the HR Toolbox website as a regular subscriber to the many posts.

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